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Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Congratulation to Dato’ Arthur Tan Chess Centre (DATCC) who will organise AmBank Malaysia Chess Challenge 2009. As a chess player, I personally love the chess developement in our country nowaday with more commitments and supports form various parties.

I would like to raise my humble comment on the evening schedule of the game which will start at 1500 for round 3, 6 and 8 of the tournament. I personally feel not comfortable to play for this 3 rounds (if I participate in the tournament) because if I continuosly playing chess until the end (we presume that both players will fight until the end of the time control), the game will end around or near to 1900.

Please take note that the tournament will be held during the month of Ramadhan (Muslim players have to fast during this Holy Month) and I think most of Muslim players tend to complete their game as early as possible and this will affect the quality of the game.
Please take note also that Muslim players have to pray 'Asr Prayer which normally take place between 1645 to 1915. I wonder that Muslim players have to rush to go to prayer room immediately after complete the evening game and I believe that this situation is not so comfortable for them.
I don't know whether the arbiter of the tournament will allow if some of the players would like to take time off and get consent from their opponents due to the reason to perform their 'Asr Prayer on time.
I remember previously when I played at Merdeka Day Tournament around 1999-2000, my captain of the team has to ask for time off from the arbiter of the tournament to allow us to perform our prayer. I sallute the responsibility of Azizul as the captain of the team at that particular time and of course we respect our opponent and the arbiter of the tournament for allowing us to do so.
Kindly take not also that according to Muslim Scholars, prayers should not be delay due to the reason of playing chess. You may get full understanding about chess in Islam here.
Due to the above reason, I personally suggest that the organiser of AmBank Malaysia Chess Challenge 2009 can amend the time schedule for evening game at least 30 minutes earlier to give ample time for Muslim players to perform their prayers on time and I strongly believe that this will attract more Muslim players to joint the said tournament.
The above suggestion is my personal opinion and given with good intention for the sake of chess development in our beloved country Malaysia.

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