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Thursday, July 23, 2009

'Chess Family' in Malaysia

In Malaysia (similar to other countries), there are certain families who motivate their children to participate actively in any chess related activities. They believe that it is good for their children to spend time to any related chess activities rather than doing any other activities which are less valuable and wasting time.
Thus, these chess players are always get support from their family to play a better chess game and of course their quality of chess games are always improve from time to time. Below are some of our Chess Family members in Malaysia and hopefully the numbers will always grow. (The number in bracket is their current national rating):
1. Shafruddin's family;
i. Fariz (1902)
ii. Hafiz (1779)
2. Zullkafli's family;
i. Zarul Shazwan (1897)
ii. Nur Shazwani (1800)
iii. Zarul Shafiq (1763)
3. Azman Hisham Che Doi's family;
i. Muhd Nabil (1722)
ii. Nur Nabila (1710)
iii. Nur Najiha (1453)
4. Saleh a.k.a GiloCatur's family;
i. Fikri (1390)
ii. Anis Fariha (1368)
I think that other stronger chess players who are also get support from their family members (or at least at the early stage of playing chess) inclusive of;
1. Abdullah Che Hassan (1892)
2. Yeoh Li Tian (1762)
3. Anas Nazreen Bakri (1984)
I believe that the above lists are not conclusive. May be I have miss certain names and certain families. Nevertheless, this article is written just to show support from me as a chess fan that the effort from these families should be supported from and followed by others.

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